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Getting the most value from commercial uses, 8 May 2014

Presentation on Getting the Most Value from Commercial Uses by Ruth Thompson and Ian Parker, Ethical Property Foundation, at BRICK Workshop 1 (8 May 2014, Malton, Yorkshire) A video of this presentation can be found here. Topics: Commercial use, Case Studies, Design, Viability, Ideas to options

CASE STUDY: Portland Works, 8 May 2014

Presentation on Portland Works community shares case study, shown at BRICK Workshop 1 on 8 May 2014, by Emma Green, Portland Works. A video of this presentation can be found here. Topics: Case Study, Community Shares, Fundraising

Business planning for heritage regeneration projects, 19 August 2014

Business Planning presentation by Rosie Fraser, The Prince’s Regeneration Trust, at BRICK Workshop 4 (19 August, Norwich). Also accompanied by Business Planning Exercise 1 and Business Planning Exercise 2. Topics: Business Planning, Impact Assessment, Financial Appraisal, Project Development  

Funding Strategies, 19 August 2014

Funding Strategies presentation, Katie Pennington, Focus Consultants at BRICK Workshop 4 (19 August 2014) Topics: Funding Strategies, Viability, Capital Funding, Risk Assessment, Fundraising  


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