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Workshop 25 – About PRT / BRICK

The Building Resources, Investment and Community Knowledge (BRICK) programme is aimed at supporting community groups to find new ways and means to save their local heritage through innovation, collaboration and partnership.

Inspired North East – Funding for historic church projects

An initiative of the Church of England, Diocese of Newcastle aimed at working with local congregations to help achieve a sustainable future for church buildings as living places of worship used and enjoyed by local communities, welcoming to visitors and valued as unique heritage assets.

The legal context of new and extended uses

A modest taster of some of the many rules, regulations and occasionally DECENT IDEAS  for dealing with Anglican churches that are no longer needed in whole or in part for regular worship.

Changing Churches Made Easy by Simon Pugh-Jones

Simon Pugh-Jones, Chair of the Bristol Diocesan Advisory Committee, provided these ten easy steps to handling projects involving historic churches. Changing Churches Made Easy     1.    Talk to your local DAC: If your church project falls under the jurisdiction of the diocese, and possibly even if it doesn’t, get hold of your local DAC […]

The Role of Volunteering

The Role of Volunteering A general description of the role of volunteers as it relates to the regeneration projects based at historic churches.


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