Asset Mapping

Katerina Alexiou, Empowering Design took part in an Asset Mapping Exercise – Thinking about all the useful resources, skill and talents of the people involved in your project, from individuals to organisations. You can download the exercise sheet here

Thom Aussems, Paradigm Shift (Industrial Heritage Conference 2015)

For Thom Aussems, the ‘Transformation’ of the Netherlands is central to his career. For the last 15 years he has been the CEO of Trudo where he has led a number of transformational projects, such as Strijp S (the former industrial plot of Philips). Find out more in this inspiration presentation.

Conservation Issues

Richard Rogers discusses the conservation of decorative exteriors & interiors with case studies including The Garrick.

‘How to: Write Conservation Reports’ guide

This guide is for non-specialists. It explains how to write a Conservation Statement and Conservation Management Plan. Understanding and documenting why a historic building is important is key to its successful restoration and re-use. It is particularly valuable where a building is to undergo a change of use. If you wish to bring a historic building back into use, then this guide is for you.