Reuse Options

How can you reuse and regenerate a mill? Tim Heatley, Co-Founder of Capital and Centric, presents the work they are doing in Manchester in the North West.

New Design in Historic Churches: ChurchPods

This presentation focuses on innovative designs that can be applied to prepare deconsecrated churches for secular use without compromising the historic fabric of the original structure.

The Legal Context for New and Extended Uses

Alan Guthrie-Jones, Special Projects Manager, Pastoral and Closed Churches Department, Church Commissioners explains the legal context for new and extended uses for church buildings.

New Design in Historic Churches

Rob Chambers, Partner at Purcell discusses the different ways to creatively think about the design of church buildings and shares some examples of completed church projects as inspiration.

Thom Aussems, Paradigm Shift (Industrial Heritage Conference 2015)

For Thom Aussems, the ‘Transformation’ of the Netherlands is central to his career. For the last 15 years he has been the CEO of Trudo where he has led a number of transformational projects, such as Strijp S (the former industrial plot of Philips). Find out more in this inspiration presentation.