Legislation: Churches

James Halsall, DAC and Pastoral Secretary of Diocese of St Edmundsbury & Ipswich discusses the role of legislation in church regeneration projects.

The Legal Context of New and Extended Uses

A modest taster of some of the many rules, regulations and occasionally DECENT IDEAS  for dealing with Anglican churches that are no longer needed in whole or in part for regular worship.

Introduction to Procurement

BRICK Programme Director Laura Norris gives a brief introduction to explain ‘what is procurement’.    

The Legal Context for New and Extended Uses

Alan Guthrie-Jones, Special Projects Manager, Pastoral and Closed Churches Department, Church Commissioners explains the legal context for new and extended uses for church buildings.

Community Rights: An Overview

Debbie Lamb, Development Manager, Locality discusses how new community rights can help those working on built heritage regeneration projects.

Community Rights: An Overview

Katie Lee, Team Leader of Community Assets, Economic Development and Alternative Finance, Department for Communities and Local Government on the role of central government an enabler: helping people to do more to help themselves

Community Empowerment Bill in Scotland

Ian Turner, Community Empowerment Team Leader, Scottish Government, introduces the aspects of the new Community Empowerment Bill relevant for community led heritage regeneration projects in Scotland.