William Salt Library, Stafford


The William Salt Library Trust looks after the collection of William Salt located in a Grade II Georgian town house.

The William Salt Library Trust (WSLT) is a charitable organisation founded in 1872 to look after the collection of William Salt - a London banker whose family came from Staffordshire and a collector who focused on acquiring items about Staffordshire and its history. This collection is held in the William Salt Library, a Grade II* Georgian town house in Stafford immediately in front of Staffordshire Record Office, which is run by Staffordshire County Council (SCC). The SCC Archive and Heritage Service manage the day to day running of the Library on behalf of WSLT.

SCC and WSLT applied for funding from HLF in 2014 for the relocation of the collection to the Record Office building and discovered that they needed an  integrated approach to planning for the future of both the SCC owned Record Office and the WSLT owned town house in order to procure funding. SCC is undergoing consultation on the options for the re-organisation of archives services across the county, which will inform any further work on the options for the Trust owned building.

PRT agreed to support WSLT in addressing the issues raised by HLF, namely in facilitating an options development workshop with key stakeholders, to be held in September, once the results of the county-wide consultation on archives services are known. PRT will also run a governance session with WSLT to ensure adequate skills on their board of trustees in order to be able to deal with the issues that they now face.