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Creating a clear business plan

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    Kerry Fletcher

    This element has been the hardest for me, the new trust members and volunteers alike. How do we present our aims and objectives effectively? As a community group we have a lot of ambition, lots of ideas and experience of working in Heritage but to actually form a project into words that shows how we have thought about the project is difficult.
    Coming along to the BRICK workshops and having mentoring sessions does help us to understand more about what people want to see from a business plan, how do we think about long term goals? We have been able to re-organise ourselves, strip everything back and re-focus, the result is the start of a business plan, so we are looking forward to our last mentoring session with Laura on our plan in March.
    We now feel we have a clear option and direction, but we do need more support with things like Market Research and creating a marketing plan. Like most people I’d rather get on with the project than sit at my desk doing charts!



    Here is another workshop at, this is a perfect business management resources, where you can plan better for you business as well as the idea of putting all aspects into the reliable marketing that shapes the future of your business.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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