Market Arcade, Newport


Market Arcade has been left to rot by local council and the landlords that own the properties. We want to save it!

Market Arcade was built circa. 1905 and lies in the heart of Newport City Centre. For years, it was used as a walkway between the bustling High Street and Newport Indoor Market but has in recent years been left to rot. A mixture of a uninterested council and uncaring landlords has led to this once stunning piece of Victorian architecture to become infested with pigeons and rats, led to mould eating through the walls of buildings and the whole area falling into disrepair.

Businesses and residents still occupy the arcade, but for how long remains to be seen. It is used mainly as a walkway for drunks on the weekend, many of whom use it as a toilet.

We are trying to raise an initial £5000 to generate public interest and show both landlords and the council that people still care about this unique arcade. If renovated, we envision it as a haven for local, independent business and a step away from the clinical, pristine and identical apartments available in almost all cities and instead embracing more individual and unique living spaces.

More than anything, we just want this arcade to be fixed up before it's too late. Unfortunately, that time isn't too far away.