Friends of Anfield

Anfield, Liverpool

Welcome to Anfield's 150 year old Grade II* listed cemetery where inspirational stories can be found at every turn.

It is an amazing testimony to Merseyside's past with links to almost every major event down the years, including the Charge of the Light Brigade,  the Titanic, Jack the ripper, the end of China's Dynasties, England's last dual, the Slave Trade, the Spanish Armada, Commonwealth War Graves, the American civil War, murderers and victims, leading industrialists, artists, architects, famous sporting figures, entertainers, religeous and political figures, as well as a complete cross section the social classes.

This is a brilliant opportunity to change people's thinking about what a cemetery represents:  being encouraged by Liverpool City Council, English Heritage, Your Housing Group, LCVS and The Heritage Lottery Fund.

January 2018

'Friends' continue to get tremendous encouragement from Historic England and Liverpool City Council. They have funded (£290,000) the stabilisation of Anfield Cemetery's two large catacombs: to be completed around March / April 2018. They have also jointly funded (£30,000) a Conservation Management Plan for the 141 acre site, due to begin soon.
Friends completed an AHF Project Viability Grant, and Heritage Lottery (HLF) Start Up Grant, adding substance to our vision of getting Anfield's Grade II* cemetery off Historic England's At Risk Register and building an International Heritage and Visitor Centre by 2025.
Our current HLF grant, 'Lifting the Lids' is well under way. With the help of a local charity, Positive Futures, we are creating a wheelchair-friendly heritage trail of twelve display boards, on which will be some reminders about Liverpool's impact on the last 200 years of world history. The stories range from the sacking of the White Hose, the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty, great sporting figures, the Royal Stuarts, the Titanic, a Jack the Ripper suspect and 'The Man from the Pru'.
We also challenged a local Junior School to find the graves of two Victoria Cross holders, buried in unmarked paupers graves. They have already located one (of approx 90,000 graves) and will return soon to find the other. This will be followed by a ceremony to the show that the VC's have not been forgotten.
We have held a number of commemorative events including one for the Chinese Labour Corps and Remembrance Day.
Friends are about to apply for a jointly funded AHF Project Development Grant and HLF Resilient Heritage Grant, to prepare us for HLF's Stage One application: a crucial part of our plans. It is quite an exciting time.