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Towards Anfield Cemetery's Nazca Lines?

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    tom bradburn

    Anfield’s Grade II* Cemetery was designed by Edward Kemp. The geometric pathways in it’s 141 acres comprise of a series of straight lines and curves. Despite the fact that literally millions of people have visited, no-one on foot has been able to see their design. It is strangely reminiscent of Peru’s Nazca Lines (brought to the popular consciousness by Eric Von Daniken in his best selling (but somewhat discredited) book called Chariots of the Gods. The lines, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, (when seen from the air) present figures up to 370 metres long.
    Friends of Anfield’s aim is to find ways in which Anfield’s ‘Nazca Lines’ (the main reason why the cemetery is Grade II*) can be seen. Ideas range from a sighting platform or a glass extension built on the side of the sole remaining chapel. It would mean, for the first time, that visitors would be able to appreciate the patterns on the ground.
    Friends next stage is to request funding to explore (amongst other things) this possibility.

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