Friends of Anfield

Anfield, Liverpool

Now embraced within Anfield’s £260M ASRF we will build a Visitor Heritage Centre in Anfield’s Grade II* cemetery

Categories: historic

Anfield's cemetery is one of the largest in Europe. We aim to get it off the English Heritage ‘At Risk Register’ and build an International Heritage and Visitor Centre, administered by a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, mindful of the fact that ‘Anfield’ is a working cemetery.

The Visitor Centre and our rich 150 year old resource will boost both the local and Merseyside economies by generating income from three income streams. The first is the community. The second is from tourism. In 2009 fourteen ‘Cruise and Stay’ liners visited Merseyside, in 2014 there were Fifty-two. The third is the all-year-round income from groups attending funerals. In 2013 an average of thirty-eight funerals took place each week, with forty to sixty people attending each. These income streams will provide full time employment, work experience and volunteering experience, underpinning a variety of programmes, events and exhibitions.

The heritage we are part of and the amazing stories Anfield has to tell are nothing short of inspirational. They are not just local but belong on the national and international stages. By maximising Anfield’s heritage we will be part of the infrastructure needed to sell the UK's second historical city to the world.