Chatterley Whitfield (Former Colliery)

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    Brittain Adams

    To become Heritage Workshop

    The disconnect from our engineering heritage which declined in the 1970’s coincided with the advent of the microprocessor, the many clever people who may have been our engineers were lured into the virtual world.

    Now the tide is turning with the advent of desktop manufacturing, however the two cultures are separated by generations of age segregated education.

    The heritage workshop is where people of all ages can work together and whilst some of the engineering skills still exist they can be handed to a younger generation.

    It is without doubt the combination of old and new techniques which will let us compete.

    This building will house companies such as Spitfire Spares and will be used to restore old vehicles and other items, in such a way to deconstruct the designs so that we can apply the information we learn to modern products.

    This process is called a heritage fork. It would be possible to restart some old heritage industries but using modern components.

    In addition this will be where the full archive not only for Chatterley Whitfield but for many other closing manufacturing companies, will be held. This is similar to how at Chatham docks the world ship archive is stored.

    The friends have already pioneered large format scanning for plans and these techniques can be used for all sort of other material.

    This building is also the base for the restoration of the rest of the site.


    Nigel Bowers

    It would not take much work to bring this building back…… The main issue is the glass roof which would need stabilizing. In the museum days it was used as a workshop for restoring steam locomotives

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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