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    If you are looking for assistance or advice for your heritage regeneration project then using our BRICK network could help you to find the right expertise.

    Start by registering as a member, you can sign up here. Those who are looking to offer pro bono support can sign up here too.

    Second step is to register your project, which you can do easily by completing the form . When you are setting up your project make sure that you complete section 7.

    Asking for skills


    Once you do that, you can then search BRICkwork for matching “offers” from individual members, by using the main search engine.

    For example, search ‘fundraising’

    Fundraising A


    Scroll to the bottom of the results, and click on ‘view fundraising’ under skill.

    Fundraising B


    Here you will find two lists: people who have this skill to offer and the projects that need this skill. Click on the person’s profile to find out how much time they can offer and to get in touch.

    Fundraising C


    Do you have any questions? Please get in touch below!

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