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    Elizabeth Bulley

    One of the attendees from our 14th workshop in Linlithgow asked,

    What are the crucial factors which make LONG-TERM community involvement and continuing successful operations a reality?

    Have ideas and suggestions or a story from your own project? Please share! We always love hearing from you.


    Keith Dalby-Oldham

    Look at what made you successful and keep that fresh and exciting. Be unpredictable and enthusiastic. Sell the dream, just as you did when you were starting up. YOU have to reach out and bring in that community involvement – it won’t happen by itself. A continuing successful operation depends on the factors which made it a success in the first place. Are they still there? Do you review them often enough? Achieving your intial aims and then standing still isn’t enough; be critically honest – is there still a need for your project? If there is then SELL it. Upsell it if you can.


    Anne-Marie Sandos

    This is the million dollar question. The key things is that you get a critical mass of support from within the target community and they take ownership of it. There needs to be a clear core objective that is attractive but flexibility so that people can find their place in it.

    There is a tricky balance if you are someone starting up a project is know when to hand over the reigns and being aware of the skills, expertise and commitment you are asking.

    The other challenge is sustaining momentum and goodwill. If it is a volunteer project people will be involved if it is rewarding, fun and interesting. Projects fail because either too much or to little is asked, organisations appear cliquey or more hassle than they are worth.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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