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    Elizabeth Bulley

    Our 12th workshop was held in Llandudno, a N. Wales seaside resort town that is simply brimming with heritage.


    Elizabeth Bulley

    An attendee from our 12th workshop in Llandudno had a great question about considering context and making heritage sustainable:

    “Llandudno is one of the seaside resorts in N.Wales, which has so much heritage and relatively high economic vibrancy. How can the heritage assets, which relate a lot to the hotels and B&Bs of the town, be strengthened in their current use or considered for sympathetic but imaginative change of use and creative re-design? What options could be considered? Is there a saturation of hotels and B&B’s in the town? How will this proactively be addressed in the future?”

    Sounds like the perfect question for the Llandudno locals and our Purcell friends.


    Mark Pavey

    Interesting, I think the new Bay Spa Hotel in Craig Y Don will certainly be a great example of how that can work. It always looked lovely from the exterior, but standards inside didn’t live up to its architecture. Also people like Sam Nayar at Escape B&B have shown how the resort stay can be updated to give a more youthful and vibrant atmosphere.
    Hotels & B&B are now competing with Air B&B, so perhaps there is a need for some of the hotels to bridge that gap, perhaps by operating some rooms on a not for profit basis to accommodate artists/musicians passing through internationally.
    There is more commonly a “renovation deficit” rather than “conservation deficit” in many establishments in the Town.
    Certainly North Americans would value more of a compromise between quaint and high standards for service and facilities cultural and leisure.


    Bet Davies

    Sam Nayar is indeed a pioneer in Llandudno. I love boutique hotels and I discovered Escape a few years ago by chance and have stayed there a few times. Len Maddox, is another visionary, who has had such an influence in the resort over many years. Both match quality of service and facilities with the quality of the conservation.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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