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    Elizabeth Bulley

    CoRE has been working hard on new platforms that support our mission of transferring retrofit knowledge and sharing best practice. We now wish to invite our Fellows, Members and Alumni to engage with these. This email briefs you on what we have developed and how you should get involved – all free of charge.

    Retrofit Weekly – CoRE’s Weekly Newsletter that provides you with industry news and views on retrofit direct to your inbox

    Please find the first edition of Retrofit Weekly from last week here: – The newsletter is sent out every Tuesday (the next edition will be sent out this afternoon) and features the latest news and views in the world of retrofit. The newsletter will be embedded on the CoRE website under ‘Engage’ and will also be promoted through our social media and email.

    To receive every edition direct to your inbox, please subscribe at

    We are keen to promote best practice, project news, job opportunities, debate and knowledge in retrofit through people and organisations that we know and work with regularly.

    If you have, or come across, any news stories, new research, or opinion pieces that you wish to showcase please send them to me, and if deemed relevant, they will be included in the ‘Latest News’ section on our website and featured in the next issue of the newsletter. We would also like to capture your comments, opinions and rantings on anything related to retrofit!

    CoRE membership packages often include banner advertising Retrofit Weekly, and we will contact you regarding the publication schedule and to obtain the appropriate web banner.

    CoRE’s New Website –

    Our website has been totally transformed, and we are now keen to use this site to bring together as much of the excellent research and best practice work conducted nationally and internationally as possible. Please supply links to or PDFs of any appropriate documents, videos etc. to me. Please note we will not include any sales literature in this section.

    Coming very shortly, our new Membership section will enable CoRE members to advertise their products and services. I will be in touch about this soon.

    Twitter –

    CoRE now has over 1700 followers on Twitter – our handle is @sustainableCoRE.

    Please ensure you, your relevant colleagues and your company are following SustainableCoRE, and we will follow you back. We will then monitor our Twitter feed for relevant news that can appear in Retrofit Weekly, as well as retweeting relevant content in Twitter.

    Please also retweet posts from SustainableCoRE.

    LinkedIn –

    CoRE has a vibrant LinkedIn Group – “Centre of Refurbishment Excellence” with more than 500 members. This is the best place to start discussions and ask questions. Please join the group if you have not already. Interesting discussions will be picked up in our news section and Retrofit Weekly.

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