On 13 May 2015 we visited Great Yarmouth for our 11th BRICKworkshop. It took place in the Town Hall, an impressive Grade II listed building near the river. In addition to the presentations below, the workshop also gave us the opportunity to tour some of the buildings that Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust have saved, including St George’s Chapel. The BRICK programme have been supporting the trust under our mentoring scheme.

BRICK Introduction

Biljana Savic,  BRICK Programme Director at The Prince’s Regeneration Trust (PRT) and Workshop Chair introduces PRT and the BRICK programme, as well as sharing the aims of the workshop.

Community engagement – using digital tools

David Janner-Klausner, Director at Commonplace, shares his suggestions for digital and social media tools that can be used to engage with a wider community.

Understanding the Localism Act and community rights

Matthew West from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) explains how the Localism Act and new rights are relevant to community projects.

Effective fundraising

The Prince’s Regeneration Trust’s Development Director Colette Craddock discusses the different ways that community groups can fundraise for their projects.

CASE STUDY: Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust projects

Darren Barker from the Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust shares local case studies. This includes the magnificent Winter Gardens, the Town Towers and St George’s Chapel.

Getting the most value from commercial use

Ruth Thompson from Ethical Property Foundation shares her experiences on getting the most value from the commercial use of heritage sites, including examples of franchises, leases and rental.

Historic assets in difficult ownership

Chris Skinner, a solicitor from Norfolk County Council, will lead a session on dealing with tricky site ownership issues, including CPO.

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