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Introduction to BRICK

The workshop is introduced to the BRICK programme, PRT and the available resources through BRICK.

Getting the most from commercial use

Presentation on Getting the Most from Commercial Use by Ruth Thompson and Ian Parker, Ethical Property Foundation.

CASE STUDY: Portland Works, Sheffield

Portland Works case study presentation by Emma Green, Portland Works.)

Community shares

Community Shares presentation by Hugh Rolo, Locality.


BRICK Workshop 1 overview

An overview of the first BRICK workshop as part of BRICK (Building Resources, Investment and Community Knowledge), a training and mentoring programme run by The Prince’s Regeneration Trust.

Community shares  – an introduction and Portland Works case study

Presentation shownon community shares. Introduction by Hugh Rolo, Locality. The presentation also includes:
– Community shares case study: Portland Works in Sheffield, by Emma Green, Independent Social Enterprise Advisor
– Q&A

Community / private sector partnership working

Presentation shown  on Community / private sector partnerships, the BRICK partnership brokers pilot. The presentation:
– Introduces the pilot: issues from the community perspective, by Jess Steele, Jericho Road Solutions
– Discusses issues from a developer’s perspective, by Chris Brown, Igloo

Getting the most from commercial use

Presentation entitled ‘Getting the most value from commercial uses (franchises, leases and rental)’ by Ruth Thompson and Ian Parker, Ethical Property Foundation.

Grimsby Ice Factory

Presentation about an exciting case study: Great Grimsby Ice Factory, by Vicky Hartung, Great Grimsby Ice Factory Trust.