On the 18 March 2015 we hosted our 10th BRICK workshop at Middleport Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent. The Prince’s Regeneration Trust has been supporting the Pottery since 2009 and now owns the building. This impressive multi-million pound heritage regeneration project made a fantastic case study for many of our presentations.

BRICK Introduction

Peter Jenkins, Finance Director, The Prince’s Regeneration Trust (Workshop Chair) shares the aims of the workshop and introduces The Prince’s Regeneration Trust and BRICK.

Enhancing heritage through innovative design

Enhancing heritage through innovative design with Tim Greensmith, Associate, FCB Studio using Middleport Pottery as an example of heritage led regeneration.

Using digital media to get your message out

Using digital media to get your message out and creating a personal brand from Fiona Hawkins, Managing Director, Plinkfizz, who worked on the re-branding of Middleport Pottery.

Business planning

Ros Kerslake shares The Prince’s Regeneration Trust tips on what you need to think about and cover when you are preparing a business plan to make sure that your project is considered worthwhile and viable.

Middleport Pottery – commercial income development & visitor attraction

John Lowther, General Manager and Teresa Fox-Wells, Visitor Centre Manager from The Prince’s Regeneration Trust owned Middleport Pottery talk about how they turned the pottery into a visitor attraction and developed their commercial income.

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