BRICK is an innovative education programme designed by The Prince’s Regeneration Trust to build skills, provide expertise and improve connections. It is aimed primarily at community groups looking to start or progress a heritage regeneration project.

BRICK is a UK-wide programme and it will run until March 2018.

This programme has been made possible through a major grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and financial contributions from British Land, Purcell and the Alan Baxter Foundation, as well as in-kind support by Locality and our own in-kind contribution.


How We Help

We have almost two decades of experience working with community groups and understand the unique challenges they face:

Finance – With limited funding sources, groups often struggle to secure funding for initial work, such as options appraisals or legal advice, as well as the main building works.

Relevant expertise – Community groups often struggle to harness the correct expertise to develop and deliver a project, as they are usually made up of people from a variety of professions and backgrounds.

Building a case – Developing meaningful re-use options for a heritage site, selecting a preferred option and building a convincing and viable business case is a critical part of the process and one that many groups struggle with.

Promotion – Many groups underestimate the importance of digital media and social networks when marketing their project, engaging a wider community base and attracting funders.

Partnerships – It is often essential for community groups to work with private sector developers to create a viable project, and yet ‘inter-cultural’ conflicts and misunderstandings can derail the relationship.


Our mission

Many heritage-regeneration projects struggle due to the lack of support on a range of issues such as support with governance, legal support, digital, PR, skills audit, and community engagement. These subjects are not exclusive to heritage/regeneration projects and can be applied to a variety of other ventures.

BRICK brings together individuals, community groups, professionals, businesses, volunteers and others involved in heritage regeneration projects to equip them with the skills and expertise needed to save their local heritage and build a better future for their communities.