We’ve just returned from a fantastic two-day conference on Industrial Heritage that the Prince’s Regeneration Trust organised in partnership with Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic England. We’ll be adding the materials to our website shortly, but in the meantime we wanted to share some inspirational videos from a handful of the projects we heard about during the event.

1. Ancoats Dispensary

Ancoats Dispensary Trust are currently working with Igloo Regeneration on the building they fought so hard to save. Karen Houghton, Chief Executive of the Ancoats Dispensary Trust, said “It’s not enough to save a building for its architecture, you need to know what its place will be in 21st century.”

2. Middleport Pottery

Saved by the Prince’s Regeneration Trust in 2011, Middleport Pottery is a fantastic example of the difference a building can make to a community. This is another powerful video that was shown at the conference which shares the story of two Chris’s: one who now volunteers at the pottery and another who is an apprentice on site.

3. Strijp S. Eindhoven

Our closing keynote speaker was Thom Aussems, Managing Director at Trudo in The Netherlands. Eindhoven is famous for being the home to Philips and the challenge was to create new-school transformation and a real community around these buildings. Thom was a fantastic speaker and this video captures the essence of the Strijp-S Project.

4. Friends of the Flyover

This community project in Liverpool has a fantastic bunch of people behind it and the aim is to turn Churchill Way flyover into a pedestrian and cycle-friendly promenade. Kate Stewart discussed digital innovation at the conference and we wanted to share this video because it’s a different take on sharing your vision with people.

5. First Follower

Although this video doesn’t show an industrial heritage project, many of the discussions and debates revolved around community engagement and getting people to support and understand the motivation behind your heritage regeneration project. Jonathan Robinson, founding Director of The Guardian’s Hub shared this fantastic Ted talk on how to start a movement.