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BRICK introduction

BRICK general information presentation by Biljana Savic, The Prince’s Regeneration Trust.

Measuring Impact from Social Investment

The Prince’s Regeneration Trust Social Investment presentation by Michelle Parry, Royal Bank of Scotland.

RBS – microfinance funds

Microfinance funds presentation by Duncan Sloan, Royal Bank of Scotland.

CASE STUDY: Riddle’s Court, Edinburgh

Riddle’s Court case study presentation by Audrey Dakin, Scottish Heritage Buildings Trust.

Funding strategies

Funding strategies and effective fundraising management presentation by Una Richards, Scottish Heritage Buildings Trust.

Ideas to options

Presentation on how to make the most of built heritage through creative options by Niall Phillips, Purcell.


BRICK Workshop 2 overview

An overview of the second BRICK workshop as part of BRICK (Building Resources, Investment and Community Knowledge), a training and mentoring programme run by The Prince’s Regeneration Trust.

Ideas to options

Presentation shown entitled ‘Ideas to options: Making the most of your heritage’, by Niall Phillips, Purcell.

Funding strategies

Presentation shown entitled, ‘Funding journey: Funding strategies and effective management’ by Una Richards, Scottish Historic Buildings Trust.

Social investment

Presentation shown entitled ‘Social investment – What is it? How it works in Scotland?’ by Andrew Millson, Social Investment Scotland. Also includes:
– RBS Microfinance Fund, by Duncan Sloan, RBS
– PRT Social Investment Fund: work in progress, by Michelle Parry, The Prince’s Regeneration Trust
– Q&A