Click on the links below to access presentations shown at the workshop.


Introduction to the PRT and BRICK
Presentation giving a background to the BRICK programme and highlighting the aims of the 26th workshop in Bristol.

Heritage Lottery Fund: Fit for funding
Some questions that community groups should consider when preparing their Heritage Lottery Fund applications.

CASE STUDY: Hay Castle, The story so far
Nancy Lanvin and Mari Fforde discuss their experiences from being involved in the regeneration of Hay Castle.

Enquiry by design: Community engagement and the design process
BIMBY, a programme of the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community, which supports people on the ground, in informing planners and developers about what they would like their new housing to look like.

Governance: The ongoing challenge
Good Governance is important for highlighting to external parties that a community heritage group can be trusted to deliver project goals.

Architectural Heritage Fund: Support for voluntary sector regeneration of historic buildings
Gavin Richards informs attendees about support schemes offered by the Architectural Heritage Fund.

Project Management: a brief introduction
Presentation on Project Management presented by Nicola Dyer