Presentations and photographs from our Church focused workshop at All Soul’s Bolton, organised in partnership with The Churches Conservation Trust.

Welcome and introduction: About PRT / BRICK and aims of the workshop, 2 March 2016

Peter Jenkins, Finance Director, The Prince’s Regeneration Trust (PRT) and Matthew McKeague, The Churches Conservation Trust (CCT) introduce today’s workshop and explain a little more about how the BRICK education programme can help community groups.

Historic parish churches: spaces for the 21st century, The CCT, 2 March 2016

Matthew McKeague, Head of Regeneration shares the history of the Churches Conservation Trust and explains different regeneration strategies for historic churches.

Asset mapping with exercise, 2 March 2016

Katerina Alexiou, Empowering Design took part in an Asset Mapping Exercise – Thinking about all the useful ressources, skill and talents of the people involved in your project, from individuals to organisations.

New design in historic churches, Purcell, 2 March 2016

Rob Chambers, Partner at Purcell discusses the different ways to creatively think about the design of church buildings and shares some examples of completed church projects as inspiration.

The legal context for new and extended uses, 2 March 2016

Alan Guthrie-Jones, Special Projects Manager, Pastoral and Closed Churches Department, Church Commissioners explains the legal context for new and extended uses for church buildings.

Funding for historic church projects, 2 March 2016

The Heritage Lottery Fund share information about funding opportunities for historic churches.

CASE STUDY: The Breathing Space project

Rev Caroline Dick and Dave Wilcox from The Breathing Space project discuss their amazing church regeneration – including retaining use as a church and developing new uses.