Presentations and a selection of photographs from our first workshop of 2016, held at the beautiful Live Theatre in Newcastle.

Introduction to BRICK, 4 January 2016

Biljana Savic, Director of the BRICK Programme, shares what BRICK has achieved so far and what is still to come.

Community rights – an overview, 4 January 2016

Debbie Lamb, Development Manager, Locality discusses how new community rights can help those working on built heritage regeneration projects.

The role of local councils in supporting heritage regeneration projects, 4 January 2016

Ian Ayris, Team Manager, Urban Design and Conservation Team, Newcastle City Council discusses how local councils are still offering support to community groups who want to regenerate built heritage.

Engaging the wider community – why and how, 7 January 2016

Biljana Savic from The Prince’s Regeneration Trust on effective community engagement and how it can help your heritage regeneration project.

CASE STUDY: Live Theatre, 4 January 2016

Jim Beirne, Chief Executive, Live Theatre talks about generating income to fund your capital project with examples including the Live Theatre and other buildings on Newcastle’s Quayside.

Business planning for heritage projects, 4 January 2016

Paul Gardner, Development Manager at The Prince’s Regeneration Trust, on business planning for heritage projects.

Architectural Heritage Fund – financial and technical support available, 4 January 2016

Gavin Richards, Operations Manager, Architectural Heritage Fund, talks about how the fund have supported projects in 2014-2015 and what help they can offer to projects.

CASE STUDY: Tyne and Wear Building Preservation Trust, 4 January 2016

Martin Hulse, Tyne and Wear Building Preservation Trust on the heritage regeneration projects in the region.

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